Boots D31 Substation Upgrade

Engineered Systems Electrical recently completed the supply and installation of a new 10 panel 11kV Schneider Genie Evo switchboard to replace and upgrade the existing D31 switchboard.

The project/scope of works was to pick up the existing 11kV transformer feeder and ring feeder cables and re-divert the circuits to the new 10-panel switchboard. In order to complete this various 11kV straight joints were carried out and installed in cable trench work. Approximately forty meters of ladder system was supplied and installed on the building brickwork from the existing 11kV circuits to the new 10-panel switchboard, and the new switchboard was located sixty meters away from the existing D31 substation. ESE stripped out two handling units and redundant alarm systems.

ESE then carried out the installation of new lights, socket, and alarm system systems to bring the new substation up to regulation.

  • Throughout the whole project, ESE acted as a Principle Contractor.
  • All civil works were carried out by ESE on our CDM site.
  • ESE carried out the delivery, offload, and positioning of the 10-panel switchboard.
  • ESE carried out a full HV grading/protection study and commissioned the switchboard.
  • ESE acted as SAP for all jointing works and submitted all of our own switching schedules.
  • ESE completed 6 stages of shutdown at various times and provided back LV generators at certain substations.