We supply a wide range of High Voltage and Low Voltage switchgear from all manufacturers to suit customer’s requirements

We have a strong long-lasting relationship with our suppliers which means we can supply new equipment and spares at reduced delivery times and prices. This includes both standard switchgear and also our bespoke manufactured, transformer mounted low voltage distribution units with either single or multiple ways. All switchgear can be supplied as either a new switchboard or in addition to the customer’s existing equipment.

A survey will be arranged by our qualified staff to discuss the best solution for each customer. All equipment provided by ESE Ltd is tested by our experienced in-house commissioning engineers which ensure all equipment is fully tested before and after the installation.We can also carry out periodic testing of existing equipment.

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ESE Ltd supply a large range of High Voltage equipment from all major manufacturers across a voltage range which includes 11kV, 33kV and 132kV.

We can offer High Voltage equipment switchgear which may be a replacement or upgrade to an existing site as well as new installations, these can include:

  • All types of switchgear
  • PIR – Pre-Insertion Resistor
  • NER – Neutral Earthing Resistor
  • Power Factor Correction Units
  • POW – Point of Wave Switching
  • Hybrid Circuit Breaker Solutions

With over 25 years’ experience working with a variety of different equipment, our engineers have the knowledge to supply the right solution for our customers.

ESE Ltd can also provide bespoke steel framework or civils work to accommodate any equipment installation.


We supply and install various types of new LV switchgear to suit individual customer requirements.

Our LV switchgear can be supplied with;

  • Switch Fuses
  • MCCB’s
  • Air Circuit Breakers

We supply close-coupled LV distribution units for bout our liquid-filled and cast resin transformers. Bespoke switchboards can also be supplied with a variety of specially designed termination points.

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