We supply a wide range of oil cooled, midel, air and cast resin transformers ranging from 50kVA up to 100mVA with a primary voltage of 145,000V. Being at the forefront of changes, we also offer leading EU directive Tier 1, Tier 2 and Amorphous transformers.

Being an approved ICP and offering all supply and installation services; we offer a full turnkey solution for all your electrical infrastructure up to 132,000V. We have over 25 years’ experience in the supply and installation of new and re-engineered transformers. Our transformers have an adaptable secondary voltage to suit individual customer requirements. All our transformers are manufactured under the recognised British and International standards and are fully compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) 548/2014.

For any queries please contact our sales team with your requirements by emailing sales@eselimited.co.uk



We supply EU Directive compliant Ground Mounted Liquid Filled and Cast Resin units, as well as Pole Mounted Transformers. We also supply Tier 2 and amorphous transformers which exceed the 2021 requirements. These transformers reduce carbon emissions and operating costs, with a potential saving of £75000 over their lifespan.

All our liquid-filled transformers have robustly welded steel tanks with standard removable panel radiators and cable boxes, suitable for air or compound. They are supplied with a lockable off-circuit tap change switch, lifting lugs, jacking facilities, oil level indicator drain valves and temperature pockets as standard.

Optional extras include Bucholtz protection, pressure relief devices and on-load tap changers. Corrugated “fin wall” type transformers can also be supplied if required. The transformers have a powder-coated, enamel-look finish of at least 100 microns thick, which is suitable for even the harshest environment. Switchgear can be directly coupled onto our transformers to form a complete package substation.


We supply a range of cast resin transformers up to 35MVA with a primary voltage of up to 145,000 Volts and a secondary voltage adapted to meet our clients’ needs, along with various enclosures. Our cast resin transformers have a core made from the highest quality cold-rolled, grain-oriented steel and step lap joints. The windings are completed embedded under vacuum conditions and the casting method ensures void-free epoxy penetration of the inner layer and turn-to-turn insulation.

The core is insulated on both sides of each lamination and protected against corrosion by a resin coating and grounded-in frame, comprising upper and lower steel channels that hold the core and coil together. All steel parts are coated with epoxy paint to guard against corrosion. ESE Ltd can also supply external cable boxes and internal gland plates, or bring the LV bus bars out onto a coupling piece that LV distribution bus bars can be connected to.

Cast resin transformers
Re-engineered transformers


We have a large range of fully refurbished, used distribution transformers, including a 24- month standard warranty. The refurbishment process for our transformers includes replacement of the insulating oil and new gaskets, as required, along with the fitting of new cable boxes. All transformers are fully sprayed to help maintain the highest quality.

All transformers refurbished by ESE Ltd are fully tested, including Insulation Resistance, over pot and pressure testing and are despatched with test certification. As with new transformers, switchgear can be directly coupled onto the transformer to form a complete package substation. We also offer a transformer maintenance service, whereby we will remove transformers from a customer’s site, transport the plant to our workshop in Leeds, fully overhaul them and re-install at the customer’s site.