ESE Ltd Restore Power Back To Country House Estate

ESE Ltd were contacted by a large country house estate following the loss of the electrical supply to their premises. Due to being disconnected from the local DNO the site was being supplied by temporary diesel generators. ESE promptly attended site and began to investigate further.

After some initial investigation work and electrical testing the Transformer which feeds the site was found to be in an acceptable condition. Further investigation was carried out and the fault was found to be on the HV cable between the Transformer and the DNO feeder Circuit Breaker.

Using specialist test equipment ESE Ltd were able to pinpoint the location of the fault. The area was excavated and the cable exposed which showed a phase to earth fault. The exact reason for the fault is still being investigated.

A replacement joint was sourced and carried by ESE Ltd who completed the works from the initial investigation to re-energisation in three days.

The customer was very happy with the work that ESE Ltd carried out, and left us some great feedback!