ESE Return Power to Cairnborrow Wind Farm

At ESE we provide ‪24/7‬ call out support for all our maintenance customers. On the 14th June, we received a call that Cairnborrow Wind Farm was offline but had been made safe by their on-site APs. We liaised with the client, planning for the repair by arranging resources and excavation teams. On Tuesday, our engineers arrived on-site and identified the leg of cable which had the fault and an excavation team attended site to expose the identified fault. Our engineers then removed the faulted joint and tested the cable to prove it was clear of any other faults. We repaired the fault by installing cable and two through joints. It was then tested and handed back to the site for AP energisation.

We work together with our clients throughout to ensure all repairs are completed to the highest standards in line with our client’s needs. It is great to hear back such great feedback!