Laptop Donation for Flagship Charity Leeds

ESE Ltd are pleased to be donating to the Flagship charity by purchasing three Dell Inspiron 3000 laptops.

Flagship was formed by three organisations which were founded in Leeds to support vulnerable young people, the homeless and ex-offenders. They have almost 100 years’ experience of working with excluded groups in Leeds and the issues faced by young people at risk, young offenders, care leavers and teenage parents.

The current project they are working on is the Core project in Gipton, Leeds. This project will primarily be for young people who are leaving the care system and who may not be quite ready or have the skills to live independently.
They will be supported to gain the life skills that will enable them to move on into their own tenancy in the future, where they will be offered floating support until they are settled within the community. ESE Ltd have provided three laptops to enable the young residents to look for jobs/house rentals, this will help the young people move into completely independent housing.

The Core project is due to open 1st October 2019.

For more information or if you would like to donate please visit