Power Quickly Restored to Emergency Breakdown

Last Monday we received an emergency call out from our leading engineering customer in Huddersfield. This equipment not originally installed by ESE but adopted as maintenance part of our maintenance contract with the customer.

On inspection, it was clear the end termination has been installed without the flexible insulating bushing boots over the termination and switchgear bushings which suggests the end termination was not fully completed prior to testing and energisation. This meant the minimum clearances between phases and phase to earth could not be achieved and over time the end termination eventually broke down which resulted in an explosive arc.

We worked around the clock to ensure supply was back to site within 48 hours. This included removing the damaged switchgear and replacing it with a refurbished SE6 Isolator & CE6 11kV Circuit breaker. The damaged cable was also cut back and through jointed to a new leg of HV cable.

Thank you to all our engineers who worked tirelessly to ensure power was restored to our valued maintenance customer as soon as possible!