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Many aspects of high-voltage electrical installation are highly complex and require expert knowledge and skills to undertake safely. New connections to your property can seem extremely daunting, so an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) is a great first port of call to ensure that work is completed to the required standard and for optimum efficiency and cost.

As an accredited ICP, ESE Limited can carry out high-voltage grid connections, but what is an ICP, and how can using one benefit you?

What Is An Independent Connection Provider?

An Independent Connection Provider is an accredited company that operates under the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) to build electricity networks to the required specification and quality standards required by a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO).

An ICP can carry out a range of work, including:

  • Designing connections to allow new and existing networks to be connected.

  • Laying and connecting electricity cables.

  • Installing transformers and switchgear equipment.

  • Constructing substations.

  • Moving existing cables as part of a new network connection.

  • Carry out work both on behalf of the DNO and private sector, offering a full turnkey package.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Expertise

ICPs are qualified to manage and deliver technically complex electrical connections that meet exacting DNO standards and specifications. ICPs must be accredited under the NERS scheme to carry out the work and will have proven that they have the competence to deliver the project safely and efficiently.

2. Helps Saving Costs

An Independent Connection Provider (ICP) offers cost savings for electrical distribution projects through competition, efficient project management, flexible infrastructure choices, streamlined processes, avoidance of capital investment, and cost transparency. By leveraging their expertise and independent status, ICPs can provide competitive pricing, optimise resources, and navigate regulatory processes efficiently, ultimately resulting in cost savings for customers.

3. Efficient Processes

Backed by extensive industry experience and unrivalled technical knowledge, Independent Connection Providers have established efficient processes for installing and maintaining complex electrical connections. These allow them to complete their work in the optimum time and most cost-effective way to achieve project outcomes within the specified deadlines. ICPs often have the resources to complete the project in its entirety, meaning procurement and planning time is greatly reduced, instead of various aspects of the project needing to be distributed to different contractors.

4. Regulatory Compliance

ICPs understand the complex industry regulations and standards that apply to electrical network installations and work diligently to observe these to minimise the risk of an electrical accident and ensure the safe operation of the equipment. By choosing an ICP to undertake the work on your behalf, you won’t face extensive alterations later if inspections reveal that regulations have not been complied with.

5. Customer Support

Ongoing customer support is essential to ensure a network installation is delivered on time and on budget. ICPs offer excellent customer service to ensure that assistance is provided throughout the project lifecycle and that any potential problems, concerns, or questions are addressed quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction. The ICP will undertake all the liaison with the DNO. This liaison often entails paperwork and other procedures that are time-consuming. By using an ICP, the hassle is taken away from you and you will have one single point of contact throughout.

How We Can Help

As an accredited ICP, ESE Limited can undertake complex network connections on your behalf, helping you to achieve excellent cost-efficiency, reliability, and safety.

To find out more about our services, please send us an enquiry today.

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