Three powerlines connecting together to distribute high-voltage power to multiple buildings

Working with high-voltage electrical distribution equipment requires a set of highly specialised skills and knowledge. If installing or connecting high-voltage equipment is part of your remit but your team isn’t appropriately trained or qualified, our skilled engineers can carry out the work on your behalf to deliver a safe, reliable, and compliant connection.

In this article, we’ll explain the main four reasons why you should use high-voltage specialists for your electrical distribution installation work.

1. Safety

Every year, more than 1000 electrical accidents in the workplace are reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), highlighting the extreme dangers contractors and service users face when electrical installations are completed incorrectly. Electrical engineers who have been trained and certified to work on high-voltage installations can undertake more complex work, for example with transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, power lines, and switchgear, giving you confidence that equipment will be installed and maintained to the highest standards of safety.

2. Technical Expertise

Substandard high-voltage electrical work is more likely to lead to circuit failure and unplanned power outages, causing widespread inconvenience, equipment downtime, and loss of income for commercial and industrial businesses. If installers are not appropriately qualified or trained, the potential for crises is greater, so using a specialist will increase the likelihood of a competent installation. As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), ESE Limited is accredited to build reliable electrical networks to exceptional specifications and quality standards.

3. Regulatory Compliance

High-voltage electrical distribution equipment is subject to strict safety regulations which must be observed to minimise risks and maximise reliability. A high-voltage specialist who is familiar with the latest electrical safety regulations will ensure that equipment is installed and maintained in a way that complies fully and eliminates all risks that could lead to accidents or fire.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Taking shortcuts may seem like a logical way to cut costs, but it increases the risk of mistakes or substandard work that causes equipment failure and downtime. By investing in a high-quality installation by trained experts, you can reduce the likelihood of problems in the future. Long-term costs will be lower, and your company’s reputation will be enhanced through the high performance of electrical distribution equipment.

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